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Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day

On this Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, which commemorates the 107th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, our community stands with the millions of Armenians worldwide by reflecting upon this atrocity. Today we honor the memory of the 1.5 victims who were marched to their deaths, a dark chapter in human history that must never be forgotten. On this day, we pay tribute to the strength of the Armenian community. Of those who survived, most were forced to find new homes and new lives around the world, including here in the city of Montebello. Let us recall the thousands of Armenian refugees who decades ago began new lives here in this country, forming a community that has enormously advanced the vitality of this nation and Montebello and has risen to prominence and distinction across a wide range of endeavors. Please take a moment to visit the Armenian Genocide Martyrs Memorial Monument here in Montebello, which is the largest and oldest memorial in the United States dedicated to the 1.5 million victims. Let us reflect and acknowledge the remarkable resiliency of the Armenian community and their tremendous contributions both to the international world as well as to our city - and look forward to a future built on peace and mutual respect. Thank you to the ARF, ANC, Armenian Mesrobian School, and all those who worked to make last night’s commemoration event happen. Thank you for continuing to educate and grace our community with your culture, rich history, stories, music, and values.

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