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Memorial Day Ceremony at Montebello City Park

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Today was a beautiful day to honor and memorialize all in our community, and across the nation, who have sacrificed their lives to protect America’s freedoms. We will always honor them and celebrate their heroism. We are forever grateful.

23. There are 23 names engraved on the Memorial Wall at Montebello City Park. These names represent the ultimate sacrifice—their bravery is what brings us here today and every Memorial Day. How can we continue honoring the memory of these courageous individuals? By taking the time to share their stories. Preserving their histories, talking about the sacrifices they made—these conversations are so important. If you knew a veteran who has passed, gift their memory to a friend or neighbor. Seek out their stories and find a way to share them with others. Their legacy will stand the test of time with beautiful monuments like the one in our city and with the help of your memories.

Thank you to the American Legion Post 272, Lions Club, Boy Scouts, Women's Auxiliary, public safety personnel, and parks n’ rec staff for such an incredible event today.

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