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A Letter to My Community

I am running to represent District 2


District 2 represents the area where I was raised, where I now own a home, where I have established roots in our city, and most importantly, where I have represented you, my neighbors.


While I was elected to the city council just 2 short years ago, I am proud of what I have already accomplished, including bringing forth our downtown Farmer’s Market, introducing Hero Pay for our frontline grocery workers during the height of the pandemic, being a financial steward and protecting our resident's hard-earned tax dollars by ensuring that contracts properly follow the bidding process, expanding mental health workshops for our seniors and families, and much more.


As City Councilmember for District 2, I will continue to fight for resources like these in our community. Let’s keep the change going and continue working to make a stronger, more beautiful Montebello for all of us. It will be an honor to have your vote and I look forward to serving as your council member.

Your Candidate,

Scarlet Peralta 

 Montebello City Council - District 2
Oct 10th - Nov 8th, 2022

Vote Scarlet Peralta

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District 2

The City of Montebello transitioned to by-district elections in June 2022, becoming effective for this upcoming November 2022 election. District 2 includes the western end of Montebello, including important corridors such as Via Campo, N. Wilcox, N. Garfield Blvd, and the W. Beverly Blvd strip.

Candidates running for their district must live within the district boundaries they want to represent, and only voters of that district can vote for them. If you live within the green-shaded area, It will be an honor to have your vote and I look forward to serving as your council member.

Stay up to date with the latest news and opportunities to get involved with my campaign. 

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